Monday, December 12, 2011

Civil War Macaroni and Cheese

This recipe was perfect for me - a historical version of one of my favorite foods! Perfection.

It was a bit unique in the way the cooking started. It called for the noodles to be cooked in the milk. This is a sort of simple genius - no wasting the cooking water! We seriously over-think and over-complicate things sometimes. =]

The cheese sauce is started by melting butter and then melting cheese in it and adding pepper and nutmeg.

Once the cheese is melted and the noodles are cooked, the milk and noodles are added to the cheese mixture.

This is then put in a baking dish and topped with bread crumbs and baked.

This was found on Simple Recipes and it was delicious. It tastes remarkably like gramma macaroni and cheese! (macaroni and cheese the way my grandma makes it) I would definitely make it again, but I would add an extra layer of cheese on top instead of breadcrumbs. Yum!

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